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The Booster Club


Mission of the Redmond Boys Basketball Booster Club:
To provide resources (financial and/or time) to help support and grow the Redmond High School Boys Basketball Program through direct involvement in fundraising and other aspects necessary to make this the best basketball program in the area.

High School Basketball in the Redmond area has been a long time community tradition. Go to any home games and you will see fans of all ages out supporting the team. The Mustangs have rewarded their fans with lots of wins and an exciting basketball season. Check out the schedule and come join us for some Mustang basketball!

Running a basketball team isn't cheap.  The school district can afford the basics needed for the program, but to continually produce a top program, it takes more funds and effort than the district, or school is able to provide.  You can help make the difference!

Go to the Games!
Going to a Mustang game is much more exciting (and infinitely cheaper,) than any college or professional game, and you're right up on the action!  Get to know your favorite player's nickname and root him on as he makes that spectacular play to win the game.

Your money, or your time can help this program.  The booster club is a 501c (tax free) organization set up to help the team.  Like any charitable organization, you can contribute directly; have your organization contribute, or double your contribution if your organization has a matching funds program. Send an email to: Redmond Boys Basketball at to be routed to the person who can work with you.

Buy an ad in the Program!
Have you ever gone to a home game and thought to yourself how great those ads in the program look!  Send an email to: Redmond Boys Basketball at to be routed to the person who can work with you.

Buy Spirit Gear!
Wearing the Mustang Basketball gear has got to be one of the coolest ways you can support the team.  Click into the Mustang Team Gear Shop to see all the amazing gear you can have ready for baseball season!  Rain or shine, there will be something for everyone!


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  • Holiday tournaments

  • Off season training and conditioning

  • New website (SportsEngine)


Booster Club President:

Cindee Khabani:



Redmond Boys Basketball  
17272 NE 104th Street  
Redmond WA 98052